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Christmas party speeches

Believe it or not Christmas is fast approaching, as we see the supermarkets displaying the usual Christmasy things on their shelves.

So I hope that you have all booked your office parties, as time is drawing near and if you don’t book it soon you might be left with having to make do with a “Fish n Chip” takeaway! Well maybe not quite as bad as that, but you certainly need to think about booking your tables sooner rather than later to make sure you get somewhere of your choice, as compared to the last resort option.

So what are your thoughts on the Christmas party speech, should the owners or directors or perhaps your manager being making a speech at your party. This is debateable, and the content of the speech is worth discussing.

There is nothing worse than someone that loves the sound of their own voice and making a speech at an office party that goes on, and on and on and perhaps on a bit more. It might be okay to thank the staff for their work for the last 12 months and maybe use the time to hand out awards for “best employee of the year”, but much more than this might find your staff yawning and looking forward to the entertainment arranged for later.

Tell us about your “office Party” speech nightmares or the funny ones you have heard, as we’d love to hear them.

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3 Responses to “Christmas party speeches”

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    Christmas party speeches must not be like that to bore someone hearing or forcing them to yawn.the nhistory is not given much importance in this, only make jokes & have fun & enjoy thye party.

  2. 2

    Hi Ann, thank for stopping by and commenting and agree with yuor sentiment about enjoying the party!

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