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Believe in yourself

If you are going to give a speech you need to believe in yourself – to be able to stand in front of any number of people and have the confidence to say something takes a lot of guts.

Worrying about your speech and what you are going to say will not help you need to think positively and think about how you are going to give a good speech.

If you are struggling with this then listening to tapes by someone like Anthony Robins can help and getting books by the likes of Paul McKenna can really help.

If you can and you are in control of the length of the speech – keep it to the bare minimum, never try to write too much and say too much, you will simply bore your audience and put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Try to enjoy the speech and good luck!

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7 Responses to “Believe in yourself”

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    Standing in front of people needs very much of self confidence. Nice post, it motivates people to try to believe in yourself.

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    A General Discussion, Off-Topic Forum:

    Whoa, thanks. This really can help me out with my speech that I have to present at I a local school.

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    Fashion Blog:

    I’ll try that. My speeches were just ok by now! Thanks for sharing.

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    Writing and giving speeches in front of a large crowd may be one of those most difficult things people faces. I always try to remind the 6 “P’s” that I learn in a presentational speaking class. Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Presentation.

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    jennifer christian louboutin shoes:

    Thank you for sharing,Believe in yourself is very important for everyone.

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    MMA training:

    Thanks for the tips, I definitely recommend anything by Paul McKenna. I like his approach to effective speech presentation.

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    The guy which does much more than he or she is actually paid for will soon be paid for more than he does

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